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The website is quite generic in its style and approach to having as many adult profiles, interested in making one off or regular sexual liaisons without any expectations. It is ideal for meeting single girls and men looking for girlfriends online, but not suitable for online romance, fulfilling the needs of the lonely heart or achieving long term life partners.

It claims to be South Africa’s largest adult dating and swingers’ website. Whether this is based on fact or supposition is left to the reader. The focus is on achieving sex for the members. One tag line states they have more single women than any other site as they offer them free membership. The membership seems to be free for everyone but as with so many dating sites of any genre this only enables a limited amount of functionality and the requirements to sign up is needed to ensure all features are available to use.

The cost of full membership is kept hidden and the free membership is advertised as a trial membership. So the services will continue only once you pay. The length of this trial membership is also not stated so you can only see which hot young girls or men looking to date girls are listed after you sign up to something you don’t really know anything about. This makes this more akin to a more hardcore sex site that tries to trap its customers.

However when you get access to the site, it seems to be a reasonably functioning site based around the sexual needs of its members. Searching via age and sex is available and browsing through a particular geographical location can benefit some members in their hunt for an online date.

Ease of use:
 The navigation is simple and one or two clicks gets you to information on contacts, terms of use or privacy rules. The registration is short and does not require lots of information. However the limited functions without paid membership are annoying for any user.

Selection of profiles:
There is no indication of the number of profiles available but a quick search of various options brought several pages of good looking girls or hot men to browse through. It would seem that the claims to be the largest and the number of females could be a positive aspect of the number of online profiles. Most profiles appeared to have photographs and were clearly informative in detailing what the individuals were looking for and what their sexual preferences were.

Star rating:
3/5. A website along the pattern and style of so many other sites and probably containing profiles that people have put on many other websites. The sexual content and direction ensures that the member knows exactly what is expected from being part of the site but the need to complete membership is far too quickly presented and limits any reasonable appraisal without signing up for  a free trial.

Contact details:

On line web form for members only
Global Personals Limited, Minton Place, Victoria Street, Windsor, Berkshire, SL4 1EG.