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AdultAdz appears to be a very amateur operation for meeting singles online. It is constructed around the premise of meeting single ladies or ladies who can be single for the meeting, and is focused primarily on female availability.

It is a worldwide site, connected and affiliated with Adult Friend Finder, whose advertisements appear and ever second click or page change. Looking for a husband is a waste of time with this site, looking for the opportunity of female dating is more likely to succeed. However, the focus is on everything being just shy of a XXX adult website with links to webcams and videos dispersed about the site.

When exploring the site in more detail it becomes apparent that it is not much more than a portal too many other sites and that membership is effectively for any one of a number of off shoot derivative sites following a theme or niche.

To become a member you are asked to upload a photograph of yourself with your personal details as well as answering a range of sexual questions, presumably to attract more attention to you. It is not clear what you are supposed to be doing at any point in the exploration of this site. It has options to affiliate so presumably there are many more infuriating popup ads on other sites directing people here only to find that this gives them details of where else to look.

At least there is no mention of a fee or membership cost. It would be a significant challenge to try and convince people to sign up to the site as it is in effect a portal to other websites and other snippets of information that may be of use for those searching for men and women elsewhere.

Ease of use: A much disorganised site with lots of expected detail being hard to locate even if it exists at all. The pop up ads are infuriating and the actual site tries ot pop itself out to full screen if you don’t stop it in time. There are no search or browse facilities and no options other than to register from the side bar.

Selection of profiles: How to get to the profiles is non-existent and it appears that only single women are considered for profiles. The sign up page does allow for men to be identified but the tell tale must surely be side bar narrative for “adult adz wives”.

Star rating: 1/5.  This is not a very practical site for getting to meet others as the profiles cannot be browsed and the website seems to be a general mess of advertising and links that bring you back to the original site after 3 or 4 clicks. The one positive element is that as a portal with lots of other adverts, it could be viewed as informative on what other websites to choose and maybe ones that the casual browser would not have considered or known exist.

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