C-Date Review

Website Name: C-Date



The C in c-date stands for casual and the website it totally geared towards getting online singles to hook up for casual encounters with no expectations.

There is a nice professional feel to the website and the display and graphics give an air of sophistication which encourages you to sign up to something that you feel would be a very reputable company with good quality service provision.

There is a nice section explaining all about casual dating and the role of the internet in helping this to blossom for those guys searching for hot girls online or guys wanting to meet a girlfriend online.
As with so many online personals sites, the full functionality of the site only comes with a payment. In this case R199 – R399 per month depending on the length of your subscription. Only then will you be able to email your love interest and arrange a date with other lonely hearts. Without paying for membership you can do little more than browse your own profile and the website at large.

The site works on the basis of providing you with matches based on the information you entered to begin with when setting up your own profile. You are then encouraged to sign up for a subscription just to be able to see a full profile. Then you can get in touch with that person. So in effect the free membership is of no purpose.

One frustration with the site is that it appears to have a lot of German terms appearing around the site and reference to “Kontakte” instead of contact, makes you feel that it is not totally secure in its use of English as a main tool of communication. It has mailbox, help functionality and options to look at your profile and quite a bit of general information.

Ease of use:
Straightforward to use as a website if you ignore the payments required. Stylish in its presentation the chocolate brown colours are pretty easy on the eye and make reading the content simple enough to do. Sign up is quite a lengthy process with lots of questions to answer using tick boxes and drop down menus.

Selection of profiles:
There is absolutely no way you can tell how many profiles are held on the site. You cannot browse them at any point and have to rely on the behind the scenes matching to present you with potential profiles. The profile text seems reasonable to read and those observed had photographs present.

Star rating:
2.5/5.  Even though it makes an initially good impression with style and a certain amount of class, the lack of information on profiles and inability to browse for any profiles that are likely to be of interest to you weighs heavily against the site. It is also quite an expensive service and noticeably more costly than many of its peer online dating sites.

Contact details:

Email: service@c-date.co.za.
Physical office at eskupina k.s. / Zochova 6-8 / SK – 811 03 Bratislava – Slovakia