Lonely Wives.co.za Review

Website Name: Lonely Wives .co.za



The website has a big article on what a casual affair is and that is the whole purpose of this website. It does not hide this fact and with a name including wives in the title, it expects to be promoting covert activity.

The site follows a very typical pattern of most online dating sites. For those looking to meet a girlfriend online or hook up with a potential husband this will probably not be the best site to look at. It is more concerned with discussing sexual tastes and advertising the opportunities for single ladies or married ones to find online romance and a potential encounter with single men or married men with no expectations or assumptions that these will be a life partner.

There are some nice narratives on the site to explain who should use the site, why and what it is for. It also tries to tempt you with catch phrases and strap lines to talk about potential sexual encounters – although it does tend to talk about passion in preference to sex.

Registration is free but as with so many websites, full functionality comes at a price and you are expected to pay between R115 and R300 for full membership, depending on the length of subscription. Then you can engage in the online chat room, communicate via the message system and actually look at all the pictures on a profile that interests you.

The design is eye catching and a vibrant red and black scheme suggests the passion that is discussed several times on the narrative pages. There are options to become a featured member and a big play is made of the fact that women have free lifetime membership – perhaps to try and redress a gender balance of membership. There are also some semi naked photographs used throughout the site.

Ease of use:
A standard structure and layout for the website. The registration is typical and does not need much time although a confirmation email is required. The completion of a profile is straightforward but the frustrations kick in with the restricted functionality if you do not make payment.

Selection of profiles:
No indication is given of the exact number of profiles although several varying searches came up with a number of pages of profiles available to be viewed. There are probably more men than women searching for online dates and this is supported by the ‘women join free for life’ tag line given on the front of the registration page. All profiles seem easy to read with clear text and there are very few without high quality photographs included.

Star rating:
3/5.  Even though there are a few nice narratives. There is nothing to make this site stand out from the crowd. Pleasant enough navigation and profile details are negated by the need to pay for functionality and the restricted profile information and photographs without this sign up charge.

Contact details:

On line web form for members only
Global Personals Limited, Minton Place, Victoria Street, Windsor, Berkshire, SL4 1EG.