NSAcontacts.co.za Review

Website Name: Chris & Michelle’s NSAcontacts.co.za



This site is a bit different to many other online dating sites. The entry home page tells the story of Chris & Michelle who created the site back in 1996 for meeting single girls and single men or swingers as they phrase it.

The website is run like a club. It only covers those looking for online dates in the Gauteng area – so Johannesburg, Pretoria and surrounds. It appears to promote regular swingers parties for getting together with like minded folks and has a personal touch with the site owners declaring that they answer everything personally and will get to meet you in person.

You can browse some profiles online and read all about the adventures that are offered to meet hot singles. However you cannot do anything without singing up as a member and that only happens with payments. This site offers no free membership. There is an explanation as to why, but really this is because the site is as much of a club with membership rather than just online profiles for browsing and choosing hot girls and making a dating search.

The content of the site is sexually explicit with reference to certain sexual activities and swingers parties and their “famous” limo rides – allowing oral sex in the back of a limo with a total stranger. However, the nature and purpose of the site expects this sort of detail and it is part of the sell to get membership.

Membership starts at R200 for a month up to R600 for 6 months. Payment cannot be taken online and must be sent by bank transfer to a specific account or in cash at a bank branch. Approval will be given once payment is confirmed but this does mean it can take some time and instant membership is impossible. The owners of the website also state that they personally manage everything including profiles and meetings so you will have to accept a certain lack of anonymity. You cannot contact any member directly without going through the owners and giving approval for contact details to be shared.

Ease of use:
The website is easy to navigate and information is abundant with plenty of detail on services offered and purpose. The graphics are simple and effective and the design meets the needs of the customer. Email links and membership instructions and clear and usable.

Selection of profiles:
From browsing the website there are probably around 100 – 200 profiles split male and female evenly. The limitation to Gauteng reduces the numbers and the nature of payment and approval is probably limiting also.

Star rating:
2.5/5.  The website is good for the idea of a swingers club and online presence of potentials for the parties organised. However the lack of real time changes and insistence on payment before anything can be undertaken goes against this website. Its limited geography is also a negative.

Contact details:

On line web form and e-mail directly to chrismichelle@nsacontacts.co.za
Telephone 082 254 3333, 082 254 3333   from 5pm – 8pm
No physical address given.