The Adult Cafe Review

Website Name: The Adult Cafe



The Adult Cafe portrays itself as a website for meeting online singles for dating or sex and prides itself on its success rate and getting the right two people to join together.

There is a nice South African feel to the site. Although a closer investigation shows that it is part of a larger international group, its graphics and wording all make great play of its presence as part of the South Africa dating scene. It covers all of the country with its online personals and a simple search shows that it has all ages and types of person available for meeting and dating.

It has some nice narrative on some pages, talking through why this site should be the one joined by those looking for an online boyfriend or seeking a girlfriend online. It demonstrates some personalisation of the website to meet the prospective user’s needs. However, it does need you to become a member for full functionality and it does need you to sign up to free membership before telling you to upgrade at cost, for access to more functions.

The cost is kept hidden from members so that you only see it once you are a member and discover that you cannot reply to an email without paying for the privilege. You may wink and go onto the online web chat, but again once you’ve signed up for 1 month at R115 or less per month for longer terms.

The actual sign up page is straightforward and there is not a great deal of information required. The verification email also prevents random sign ups from across the globe as you need to verify your account via email. Log on is simple as you only need to remember your email address and password and not keeps on remembering obtuse ID’s or strange numbers.

Ease of use:
The website is pretty standard fare and has functionality accessible to members that allow searches through a number of criteria but manly location, age and photographs. The display is clear and text is easy to read and anyone looking to meet their perfect match here will no doubt find the profiles pleasant enough with the majority having photographs – including some explicit photographs.

Selection of profiles:
A reasonable selection of profiles. No evidence of exact numbers but there seems to be several hundred. Several pages were returned through some general searches by age and location and the information provided seems to be informative as well as multiple photographs.

Star rating:
3/5. This is a generally good quality site. It does what it says and provides details of available singles for the area and criteria you set. You have to join up to get the full functionality and this leads the suspicious to consider the financial gains being engineered here. Its South African feel does help to make you feel more relaxed but otherwise it is no different from many other websites offering online dating and meetings for singles.

Contact details:

On line web form for members only
Global Personals Limited, Minton Place, Victoria Street, Windsor, Berkshire, SL4 1EG.